Myanmar Attractive Singer, Model and Actor Thazin

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Myanmar model girl, Popular singer, Thazin

ျမန္မာေမာ္ဒယ္ ၊ လူငယ္ အဆိုေတာ္ သဇင္

Thazin is Myanmar popular teenage singer from " NO" group. No group has three singers: Thazin, Yee Mon and Yadanar. "No" group is one the popular teenage singer groups in Myanmar. After one year, Thazin left this group and she entered Myanmar movie and modeling field. She acted as the new young pretty actress in many Myanmar movie and video. Yadanar and Yee Mon continue their performance in Myanmar Music entertainment industry.

ဒါကေတာ့ ႏုိး အဖြဲ႔ က သဇင္ ရဲ့ ပံု ပါ။ သဇင္က ႏိုး အဖဲြ႔ ကေန ထြက္ကာ အဆိုေတာ္အလုပ္ကို ေက်ာခို္င္းျပီး သ႐ုပ္ေဆာင္ အျဖစ္ရပ္တည္ခဲ့သူပါ။


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