Myanmar Singers at T-Home Thingyan Stage

Myanmar Famous Rocker, Zaw Win Htut at T-Home Thingyan

Myanmar Singer, Zun Nu Performing at T-Home Thingyan Stage

Myanmar Singer, Cobra at T-Hmone

Photographer : Linn Tun
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  1. where was this concert held at?

  2. myanmar Hubby Goldberg..Oops!!!

  3. dman, zum nu is the ugliest female singer...

  4. I concern about is it my country?I really shame to show my friends who didn't know about our new year .why people wore like that?{Zum Nu}where she came from?Amazon or what..should respect our traditional way..toxic ..kids pls not copy like that style..

  5. Zam nu is not that ugly she is just scarry,but I like her because her style and her voice are cute.Most of her songs are bad that is why alot of people don't like her.Zam nu and Chan chan got beautiful voice,and style,but I think Zam nu is batter,because her voice is higher,and stronger,but most of people like Chan chan batter,because her songs are sad and cute.



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